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Black and Yellow

It’s only fair that this blog can post about our adored Steelers making it to Super Bowl 45, in Dallas to try and win their NFL leading 7th Super Bowl. However, as important as that game is on many levels [it also falls on the wife’s birthday], I also find it very important to boast about just how much attention has been paid to Pittsburgh[ers] in the recent days. Its fairly amazing. Let me begin this lengthy list:

—Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, is quickly becoming a favorite of the young audiophile on a national level – and he lives in Polish Hill. So much so, the New York Times wrote about him. I was at his Stage AE concert the night the building opened up, and can’t remember many other shows that have ever been that much fun.

—Wiz Khalifa, a Taylor Allderdice grad, is currently sitting #3 on the Billboard charts with the newly adopted Pittsburgh anthem ‘Black and Yellow’. For the seasoned Yinzer, the ‘yellow’ instead of ‘gold’ may take some time to adjust to, but in the 21st century, I think Pittsburgh has found a new name for the same color. It really is yellow, anyways. This track was big to begin with, BEFORE the Steelers started making a Super Bowl run. Now, there are dozens of cheesy knock offs from other cities, and Wiz will be getting paid off this song for the rest of his life.

—Google is a software giant. Duh. But did you know they invested in Pittsburgh? They’re hiring, too…

—The fastest growing company in the country? Groupon. Where’s that guy from? Pittsburgh.

—You may have heard of a hockey game that they play outside. Our team played in it, and it was played here. Oh yeah, alot of people watched, too.

—Pitt football may not be at the top echelon of college football programs yet, but basketball is. They’re currently ranked #4 in the country and have had more than a few nationally televised games. Even tiny little Duquesne University is #33 in basketball.

—The head coach of the Super Bowl opponent Packers? Yep, he’s from Pittsburgh too.

—Dejan Kovacevic writes a great article about Pittsburgh, aka ‘The City of Champions’. Did you know that in the last 40 years, only three cities have more major sports championships than Pittsburgh? LA, Boston, and New York. Each of those cities has at least one if not more teams than us to begin with. If we win tonight, we’ll be tied at 12 championships in 40 years with Boston and New York.

—And the biggest of them all comes tonight. There’s over 5,000 journalists in Dallas writing way too much information on this Super Bowl, but that’s ok. It all just reflects back to this city, its people, and our love and connection to our city and sports teams. 3 Super Bowl wins in 6 years sounds really nice.

Here we go Steelers, here we go.

Can you only imagine if we had a real baseball team?

Most importantly, Happy Birthday to my fabulous wife!



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