MVRDV Slammed for Seoul project design

I started this conversation on Facebook and had to bring it here…designers and non-designers alike, what do you think?

Please read the link below via LA Times. MVRDV is a very well respected, progressive Dutch firm who us designers know of very well. Personally, I can’t make the connection to think these guys did anything premeditated to draw connections to the twin towers. The project is in Seoul. Vertical, high density building typologies are common place. There is nothing new about the concept of an elevated horizontal connector between two volumes. This is part of a larger project which is headed up by Daniel Libeskind – the master plan architect for the reconstruction of Ground Zero.

Does it look a bit inappropriate from the American perspective? Probably. Keep in mind, these guys are not American, nor is the project in America. The Dutch are far from politically controversial. Given how bright these guys are, maybe they should have seen this coming. After all, we are in fact a bit hyper sensitive over here. I’m all for maintaining sensitivity towards an obviously terrible moment for our country, but I have a hard time jumping all over MVRDV here. After this fire storm, this will never be built. But this raises some real questions about how architecture can be influenced by so many forces – international public opinion being one of them.



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2 responses to “MVRDV Slammed for Seoul project design

  1. Tony DeCarolis

    We in America have already built our memorials to the tragedy of 9/11. Must we now, through browbeating and pressure, force all the other nations of the world to commemorate our personal grief? Can there never again be two tall buildings in tandem without our objection to desecrating a memory that is solely ours to keep alive? No wonder we have fewer and fewer friends in the world, and are so surprised when foreigners don’t like us. We cannot perceive our own arrogance.

  2. I’m glad others share my views on this controversial issue. I guess my question is what motive would a trusted architectural firm have for mocking the Twin Towers? The answer is none. The designs, while similar, are not replicas and the very idea that MVRDV is deliberately mocking the attacks on the World Trade Center is outrageous. I think the fact that this has even become an issue only highlights America’s hypersensitivity and ethnocentric views.

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