R.I.P. Kenny ‘Lemonade Guy’ Geidel

Pittsburgh lost a great one yesterday. Anyone who has ever been to a Pittsburgh sporting event knows about Kenny Geidel, aka ‘Lemonade Here!’ guy. For as long as my memory can recall going to Pittsburgh sporting events, I’ve seen him working at every single one of them. He’s the true definition of a hard working Pittsburgher. Tirelessly stomping up those stadium seats all night long, night after night, twice the pace of those half his age. I have no idea if he knew how popular he was to all of those thousands of Pittsburghers who knew who he was by the sound of his voice. He was part of the fabric of a Pittsburgh event. If he didn’t ever know, then from heaven, now he does. Here’s a nice snapshot of Kenny in action – let it play through the end…


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One response to “R.I.P. Kenny ‘Lemonade Guy’ Geidel

  1. B Greene

    He was definitely an icon. I can recall sitting at countless sporting events and hearing him from from 4 sections away !! My kids especially liked him because he sold cotton candy in his later years.

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