Reindeer Herding

This post has nothing to do with the primary focus areas of this blog…but it does focus on something that should be a focus of this blog….dogs. I love dogs, and we just adopted Zoe from Animal Friends about a month ago. They had her named Polamalu, and as much as I love Troy, we had to change that. Anyhow, here she is in all her glory…


















We have no idea what breed she is, but a PetSmart employee tipped us off to the Finnish Lapphund. The what?!? Yeah…

Finnish Lapphund.

They herd reindeer.

Now THAT got us excited about this dog. She sure does look like at least partly that huh?

Doggy DNA tests don’t even recognize that breed, so we’ll never know. In the meantime, we’re going to pretend that’s what she is so we can say we own a reindeer herder.


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  1. I so love this! and Brodie does too!

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