Viva Las Vegas

I’ve been away from the blog for good reason: I’ve been in Las Vegas. I actually wrote this post on the flight home, and can’t believe I wasn’t sleeping on it. A few thoughts and observations after 5 days with the 8 best guys in the world…

-The geometries created by farmland from aerial views are mind boggling and I will probably refer to them in a studio course in the upcoming semester or two. That’s my nerdy observation of the post.

-I did not see a cloud in the sky for 5 days and that was fantastic, even in 106 degree heat.

-Vegas gets a really bad rap. It’s an environment unlike any other in the world and not what people make it seem like. At all. The most unsure guys of the group that went are now the first ones who want to go back.

-I saw my first Vegas show Sunday, Le Reve. Wow. What an amazing space, performance, and display of strength.

-If all new architecture had the kind of budgets that Vegas does, what would this country look like? I’m not sure that would be a good thing- but some of the work there is absolutely stunning.

-It appeared as though the entire state of Wisconsin was there Friday and Saturday for the Wisconsin-UNLV game. Badgers everywhere.

-Once all those Wisconsin Badgers left, suddenly it looked like the entire city of Los Angeles came in for the night on Sunday.

-Kokomo’s Steakhouse in The Mirage is in need of better wait staff- someone should apply.

-I have a new found appreciation of being from the east coast.

-My buddy Mike brought his Franco Harris Steelers jersey with him. Franco Harris himself was on both flights to and from Vegas, and Mike never had the jersey on. Two missed autograph opporunities there.

-Wheel of Fortune slot machines are the only slot machines I will ever play- and only at the Vegas airport. Not because I won or anything, but because you get to spin the wheel like the show. That’s fun.

-Spending 5 days with my 8 best friends to celebrate me getting married is something I will never, ever forget. No ‘Hangover’ movie stories, no embarassing debauchery, just enormous amounts of fun. I’m thankful to them for all of it.

-11 days til the most important day in my life…and I am so ready for it.

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