Has Our Food Culture Come to This?

Now, I can’t write a blog post about all of the healthy, organic food that I locally obtain and eat on a daily basis. I enjoy the typical American unhealthy pleasures as much as the rest of us. However, I’m trying to avoid the real junk as much as I can, and I am well informed about the content and dangers of eating the vast majority of food out there in our markets. Lately I have been doing much better in selecting healthier options.

Recently though, I saw an add for McDonald’s new ‘Real Fruit Smoothies’. Really??? Did anyone else notice the word ‘real’ in the advertising? What other kind of fruit would make up the smoothies? Has our food culture become so distorted and disgusting that we have to use the word REAL to advertise a fruit smoothie?

What also baffles me is if you google ‘mcdonalds real fruit smoothie’ you really don’t come across anyone else making note of this. What kind of mindset does that take? Someone in McDonald’s must have said,

“Well, everyone knows that none of the rest of our food is actually real, its all chemically induced, processed landfill material that tastes like beef, so we should probably tell people that we are using real fruit to be able to sell them.”


There are many times that I think about the 4 months that I lived in Florence, Italy and how healthy I felt. The healthiest I felt in my entire life. There are all of these junk diets here that say no pasta, no carbs, no blah blah blah. I ate pasta and pizza dough and ‘real’ vegetables and fruit in Italy every day and not only did I lose weight…I actually felt good! It didn’t hurt that we all walked everywhere. All day. But that’s virtually impossible to do in this country. It’s impossible to walk everywhere. It’s not impossible but cost and convenience prohibitive to find organic, natural foods.

Its scary.


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4 responses to “Has Our Food Culture Come to This?

  1. I completely agree with you BOB. When I spent my time in Italy, i felt awesome!!! Everyday we woke up, went down to the local restaurant, go a very light breakfast…then whet on our daily adventures, walking usually everywhere (unless we were going to a different city) then had a big lunch, went back on our merry way, then dinner. Which afterwards we would walk around the city at night…..it was amazing. it is a shame when I want to walk around my area, people wont join me either because a.) they don’t want to or b.) they don’t feel safe…..a shame all together.

  2. ne personne

    I’m rarely optimistic about anything pertaining to the world’s food supply, but at least this shows that the bottom-feeders like McD’s are responding to market demands for “real” food and not food “products”. I’m sure a Yogaland adjacent to a Playland is not far off.

  3. J Beagan

    It’s not just smoothies. McD’s offer chicken nuggets with Real white meat too. I think it speaks to why they used to serve when movies like supersize me were made. Now they need to advertise the ‘real’ food they provide.

  4. dot

    The American people are profoundly swept up by the concept of “cheap”, even more so in these pour economic times. Historically, the cost of food was actually higher (when factoring in inflation and other relative factors) than what we are paying today. A look at history shows that when Earl Butz took over the Department of Agriculture in 1971. Mr. Butz responded to a political pressue as food costs rose to one of the highest rates ever. He pushed for “pork” to support the conceptually big farms and the smaller farms were forced out business. A great documentary of this migration in America’s agriculture lives is King Corn. Corn became a large part of the American diet, and remains that way today. Preservatives have risen and unless younger generations learn a bit of economies of scale and fight back through our actions by buying local, it will only continue to pervade. I believe that it is not merely a matter of being cost and convenient prohibitive, but a bit of ignorance and fear to rise up against these injustices that we are being “served”.

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