100+ Things That Make Pittsburgh Great…

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Dejan Kovacevic started this a few years back as he traveled as the beat writer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It turned into one of the most fun and insightful lists I have ever seen. Do you have quirky things to add to it? Add a comment below.

Here is the link:


And one of my favorites from the list [via Dejan Kovacevic]:

Thing No. 14 that I miss about Pittsburgh: The Three Sisters bridges that cross the Allegheny, most do not know, are the only side-by-side-by-side identical bridges on the planet, as well as one of the rare metal-girder suspensions anywhere. (Take a look, and you will see what I mean. I am no bridge expert.) They were built in 1925-27, and that distinction as well as their history is almost enough to make you forgive whoever decided to tear down our own version of John Roebling’s Brooklyn Bridge that still could have been spanning that same spot.

On a personal level, they are my favorite walking and biking bridges, being so close to my house and the ballpark. But I have to add here that I am bothered every time I look at the lighting improvements that were made a couple years ago to the Roberto Clemente (Sixth Street) bridge while nothing was done for the other two, the Andy Warhol (Seventh Street) and Rachel Carson (Ninth Street) bridges. I understand it costs a pretty penny — Duquesne Light donated those for the Clemente — but to have one of the Three Sisters looking different than the other two diminishes their unique distinction of uniformity.

On the brighter side, it is a wonderful thing that the Clemente Bridge has become, exactly as envisioned, linked visually, aesthetically and culturally to the ballpark. And we should never forget that it was Mayor Sophie’s vision in the 1990s that gave birth to the concept, while so many laughed at her.

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